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The Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence Implementation - TAII Framework® generates a meta perspective of ethics within the AI system developer ecosystem, supporting the Trustworthy AI approach of the European Commission.

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AI Ethics Workshops

Three different Workshops for AI ethics education and implementation kickoff. Includes a certificate and exercises.

Research News

Management Perspective of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence published in Springer AI and Ethics Journal (ISSN: 2730-5961)

TAII Framework®

TAII Framework for Trustworthy AI Systems published in ROBONOMICS: The Journal of the Automated Economy (ISSN: 2683-099X)

TAII Framework®

Organisations and companies need practical tools and guidelines to kick-off the implementation of Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (TAI) Systems. The scientific research based TAII Framework takes a holistic approach to identify the systemic relationships of ethics for the company ecosystem and considers corporate values, business models, and common good aspects like the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The TAII Framework creates guidance to initiate the implementation of AI ethics in organisations without requiring a deep background in philosophy and considers the social impacts outside of a software and data engineering setting. Orgnizations and Universities do trust the TAII Framework. Contact us for a free online introduction meeting.

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Trustworthy AI Implementation (TAII) Framework for AI Systems Universities
Trustworthy AI Implementation (TAII) Framework for AI Systems Workshop

AI Ethics Workshops

Three different online | offline packages. Request the Workshop Program for AI ethics education and company kickoff, including a certificate and exercises. Course content: What is AI ethics? Values and norms. Ethical frameworks. Common good & well-being. Utilitarianism. Accountability. Transparency. Human rights. Data privacy. Safety & robustness. Bias. Fairness & non-discrimination. Ethics-washing. Guidelines & principles. From principles to doing.

3 Different Workshop Packages

One course is available for free after registration.
The 4 or 6 hrs workshops AI Ethics Compact/Kickoff include handouts and generate detailed knowledge about AI ethics. The AI Ethics Kickoff workshop guides from theory into doing the first steps for companies or institutions.

AI Business Model

Trustworthy AI generates new opportunities to define the value creation and how to create, deliver and capture sustainable value for the business.

Trustworthy AI

The TAII Framework generates a meta perspective on the systemic dependencies of ethics for the company ecosystem.

Business Model Innovation

Innovation and implementation of AI technologies and services within the organization's core business model to strengthen the market position for the future.

Trustworthy AI Implementation (TAII) Framework for AI Systems

Why Trustworthy AI?

Sustainability & Common Good

The assessment of the seven key requirements reflects and possibly adapts the design and development process of AI systems. Therefore, it generates a dispute with social implications and responsibilities to contribute and shape a good society.

Unboxing the black-box

Some machine learning techniques, although very successful from the accuracy point of view, are very opaque in terms of understanding how they make decisions. Non-trustworthy black-box AI systems refer to scenarios, where it is not possible to trace back to the reason for certain decisions.

Certification & Communication

Prepare and adapt the AI design and development process to simplify the implementation of governmental regulation and certification. Communicate the taken social responsibility and shape a role model within your industry.

Partner, cooperation, talks & information

European Commission AI4EU EU AI Alliance Springer Link ATLAS.ti University of Graz New Business Magazine New Business Magazine DigitalCity.Wien PERFORM ROBONOMICS AI Guild IVI Innovation Value Institute

European Commission: Proposal for a Regulation on a European approach for Artificial Intelligence European Commission: White Paper on Artificial Intelligence: a European approach to excellence and trust European Commission: Excellence and trust in artificial intelligence European Commission: Ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI European Commission: The European Artificial Intelligence landscape European Commission: The European Digital Strategy European Commission: AI Watch European Data Protection Supervisor: Artificial Intelligence Council of Europe: Artificial Intelligence HUMAINT: Human behaviour and machine intelligence UNICEF: Policy Guidance on AI for Children United Nations : Sustainable Development Goals United Nations: Universal Declaration of Human Rights G20 Insights: A Step to Implementing the G20 Principles on Artificial Intelligence AI4EU Consortium: European Artificial Intelligence On-Demand Platform and Ecosystem DIGHUM: Vienna Manifesto on Digital Humanism Future of Life Institute: Benefits & risks of artificial intelligence HUMANE AI: Human-centered artificial intelligence CIFAR: Artificial Intelligence Policy Initiatives IEEE SA: Raising the Standards in Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS) UNESCO: Artificial intelligence with human values for sustainable development OECD: Principles on AI OECD: AI Dashboard

New Business, IT- & Digitalisierungs-Guide: KI-Ethik-Workshops, February 2021
Artificial Intelligence EU Conference: AI Research Hub, March 2021
AI4EU Cafe: How to overcome the barrier to kickoff TAII, May 2021
PERFORM European Digital Retail Summit: TAII Framework, June 2021
DigitalCity.Wien: Digitale Montagsrunde, July 2021
Innovation Value Institute: Digital Retail Webinar, September 2021
AI Guild: Trustworthy AI, October 2021
ETAPAS: Disruptive Technologies, November 2021

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